Suzuki Flute

Come study Suzuki flute at Open Wings!

The Suzuki flute method was developed by two brilliant, visionary musicians, Shinichi Suzuki and Toshio Takahashi.  Believing deeply that everyone can learn to play music beautifully, they developed a methodical, loving model for teaching music.

At Open Wings, students begin their musical adventure with immersion, listening to beautiful recordings.

The sounds and syntax of music become internalized.

The motivation to play is there.  The internalized music wants to be expressed.

We  learn music in the same effortless and joyful way that children learn to speak. Everyone can learn to play music beautifully.

This Suzuki Method is for people of ALL ages. Children, as well as adults, find it to be a rewarding and effortless way to learn to play a new instrument.

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