Koru Mindfulness

KORU 2.0

For people who have taken a Koru class and would like to go deeper

And, for people with some meditation experience

who want the accountability and support of a group.

Join us for this 4-class series.

Register Now! (Choose Fall 2018/Stress Reduction)

Mondays, 6:30 – 7:45 PM, beginning October 29, 2018

Registration for Fall Classes 2018 is now live! Register here.

Classes held in downtown Durham at the Durham Arts Council. More info.

Feedback and Photo from February 2018 Class

Want to know more about KORU 2.0?   Visit  korumindfulness.org

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KORU* MINDFULNESS is the only mindfulness-based program designed specifically for young adults, taking into account unique life challenges and needs of this age. It is scientifically proven to be effective to help manage stress, enrich lives, and bring deeper meaning. We learn specific skills that calm and focus our minds; and explore the practice of meditation.

I am able to settle in to the direct experience of the moment, casting away unproductive worries about the past and futureI am more able to create space between an emotional event and an instinctual reaction, increasing the probability I will proceed in a more skillful way that will benefit all involved.”  – Jonathan Cranford, PhD, biomedical engineering, took Koru as a doctoral student.

“Mindfulness has given me a tool to manage my stress. – Katherine Zhang, BA, English & Economics, took Koru her senior year.

Beyond simply decreasing stress, this course offers an approach to increasing satisfaction in your daily life.

Koru Mindfulness was developed locally, at Duke University, where the classes are extremely popular (and always filled to capacity). Hundreds of local undergrads and grad students have taken these 4 short classes and found it helped them feel more calm and less stressed. For a limited time, it is now being offered to the community at large, at the Durham Arts Council, for anyone who would like to bring more calm into their lives. Adults in their 20s or 30s will find it particularly relevant and accessible.

Do You Want to Manage Stress and Lead a Healthier Life?

Join us for this fun and transformational class.

Upcoming Durham Arts Council class:

4 Classes, Mondays, 6:30 – 7:45 PM

October 29 – November 19

More Info. Registration for Fall Classes 2018 at durhamarts.org or email Janet Bell, Registrar, jbell@durhamarts.org.  919-560-2726 

Series also available onsite at your business or organization.


Comments from past participants of Erica’s Koru classes:

What was most meaningful to you? 

“Learning to take time to just be and not always analyze and judge.”

“Having a group to practice with and share the experience.”
“All of it – the weekly meetings are a wonderful anchor, the daily practice, how each class spent a significant time in meditation.”
“The care and compassion and love that Erica showed me. It helped me make take my meditation practice deeper, as I learned to be more compassionate and loving to myself.”
 Other comments: 

“Erica was a wonderful guide, and very easy-going.”  

“Great teacher. The way Erica embodies these principles is my inspiration.” 

 “I didn’t think meditation was for me, but now I do!”

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