Native Flute and Meditation


“The Native American flute classes were the most relaxing and exuberant music experience I’ve had. Combining meditation with this instrument hits a sweet spot. Erica’s approach and manner soothes the musically nervous soul.”  — H. Rogers, Durham, NC


Durham Arts Council online workshop

Sunday, March 7, 2021  2:30 – 4:30 pm

Flute music paired with meditation is the perfect salve to help deepen self-compassion and compassion for others, and bring us into presence in difficult times.

Through instruction, guided meditation and playing, you will: learn practices which lift spirits and heal hearts; internalize essential principles of music composition; feel grounded in the music you make.



Some musical experience recommended.

You will need a Native American style flute, preferably in the key of A minor.

or check with one of our fabulous local craftspeople: – –


A great remedy for connecting back to yourself is through your flute. You have already established a base for your practice, but maybe you find yourself looking at your flute sitting on your shelf and are having a hard time making that leap towards picking it up again.
I am offering a workshop for flute music paired with meditation to serve as the perfect salve to help deepen self-compassion and compassion for others, and bring you into presence in difficult times.
I am really excited to offer this workshop because it is a new way of experiencing flute music. This unique workshop that will take place in November will be filled with powerful practices, realizations, and lessons that you will receive from our time together.
Through instruction, guided meditation and playing, you will:
  • learn flute practices which lift spirits and heal hearts – Take home beautiful, calming practices that you can integrate into your life right away.
  • internalize essential principles of music composition – understanding how to build a song is satisfying and opens our ears to a deeper enjoyment of all music, including our own.
  • feel grounded in the music you make – learn how to take your time and allow your music to flow from your authentic present self.


Register here or contact Janet Bell, Registrar.  919-560-2726

students and kidsNative Flute and Meditation workshops include guided meditation, flute technique and musical concepts, group playing, movement and deep listening experiences to expand your understanding of music. The meditative atmosphere helps to quiet our minds, so our creative selves can be free to express themselves.

About the Workshops
What People Say About The Workshops

Register here or contact Janet Bell, Registrar: 919.560.2726


The class I participated in was a gentle, sweet, and joyful way to relax, celebrate, and weave music with community. I felt like Erica really took care to welcome everyone and help us be at ease in the class. The mix of energy with other learners fostered a playfulness and harmony. When I play the flute now, I still feel it resonate with that time we were together.      — A. Leung, Durham, NC

Erica did not just teach me techniques for how to play a flute. More importantly, she taught me how to slow down and soften. To simply breathe, tune in, and let the flute play through me, allowing me to open and be an instrument.   — B. Moore, Pittsboro, NC

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Instructor — Erica Alexander
ERICA ALEXANDER is a flutist, music educator, and mindfulness meditation teacher. Currently completing a 2 year training program with Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach, her professional life goal is to help busy people find a lasting sense of calm in their lives and discover their inner musicians.
Erica leads mindfulness classes in high school, university, corporate, and health care settings and helps train mindfulness teachers from universities throughout the world.
Her workshops and flute circles combine Native American inspired flute with deeply restorative mindfulness practices.

In addition to being a Koru Mindfulness Teacher Trainer, Erica has a Masters in Music Education (MME) and all-level music and Suzuki certifications.




NATIVE FLUTE: BE the MUSIC —  4 workshops — Upcoming dates TBD

Connect with your innate ability to express yourself musically.

Experience the aliveness that comes with playing music and sharing music with others.

Workshop #1: Learn to Play Native American Inspired Flute

Coming Spring 2020, 2:30 – 4:30

Workshop #2: Deepen your Musical Experience: Hear More, Play Authentically

Coming Spring 2020, 2:30 – 4:30

 Workshop #3: Expand your Creative Expression – Date TBD


Workshop #4: Final workshop: Learn songs, Make a Recording, Put It All Together

See details – Registration info to come. 


Special Review Classes – Each 2-hour workshop (in the 4-workshop series: BE the Music) is preceded by an introductory (or review) class, where we go over the basics of playing the Native American style flute in a small group setting, allowing for more personal attention.

If you want a refresher (or intro) class preceding each workshop: 1:30 – 2:30 

NOTE: Each workshop in the series is designed to stand alone. The workshops build on one another AND it works to take them in any order.