Be the Music: Workshop #4

“Be the Music”


Workshop #4: Final workshop in the series.

Learn songs*, Make a Recording**

See details below.

Learn 2 songs*. Make a recording of your flute playing to take home. **

Get up and move! We put it all together in a finale of movement, improvisation and ensemble playing.


*Learn 2 songs: Prepare for this by immersing yourself in the following songs:

What we mean by “immersion”:   Have the songs playing in the background as much as

possible. This creates a learning environment similar to what babies experience when they are immersed in spoken language. They naturally absorb syntax and meaning during the months before they begin to speak.

____________  ____________  ____________  ___________

** Make a recording of your flute playing to take home:

You will have the opportunity to improvise and then recite a short meditation script (to be provided) or favorite poem. Bring a short, favorite poem. At home, you can use your recording to relax or as part of your meditation practice.

Here is an example of a Native Flute and Meditation recording:

Allow yourself 5 minutes to enjoy this moment of calm. Before you listen, you might take a couple of deep breaths……. then, let your breathing be natural……and begin (you may need to turn down the volume on your device) :