you’ll find the people of this city to be likewise

A stranger walked from the high road toward the gates of a new city.

By the side of the road sat an old, wise woman who hailed the traveler, “Welcome.”

“What kind of people are they who live here?” the traveler asked.

“Well, how did you find them in the home city you left?” asked the wise woman.

“They were gossips, mean spirited, often selfish,” he stated. “Difficult to get along with.”

“You’ll find the people of the city to be likewise,” she said.

A second stranger passed by later, welcomed by the old woman, asking the same question. 

“What kind of people are they who live here?” the traveler asked.

“How did you find them in the home city you left?”

“Oh, they were fine people, industrious, usually helpful, open minded, easy to get along with.”

“You’ll find this city to be likewise.” 

From a Tara Brach talk