Listen to Your Body


first published in KORU CENTER TEACHER NEWS & UPDATES April 2022

At the start of a meditation, I like to turn my attention inward and ask my body, “What are you needing right now?” Then I allow time for my body to answer. I listen in, making space for it to take care of itself and do what it needs (what we need).

I learned this simple, compassionate practice from Lama Rod Owens.

My habitual daily experience of busy mind creates an illusion of separation: separation between mind and body, separation from the Earth, separation of “I” and “not me”.

This simple question cuts through the powerful pull of separation. By its very nature, it reunites mind and body. It reintegrates my being, back to a sense of belonging, connection and wholeness.

Hello, body…I sense you here…what do you need?

– Erica Alexander