About the Workshops

In these workshops you will:

  • Learn the physical aspects of playing a Native American style flute
  • Experience playing music from your heart – on your own and along with others.
  • Internalize fundamental aspects of musical composition, feeling/hearing/understanding the “ground” note and another important related note.
  • Improve listening skills
  • Experience moments of calm

Guiding Principles

  • Meditation helps us slow down, allowing an observing mind to be present.
  • Observing without evaluating – a very high form of human intelligence and an opening for creativity.
  • We spend time deeply experiencing the “ground” and then move from there to other touchstones;  creating moments of tension and release.
  • Encourage yourself to play when you have the urge/need/desire.  Listen for that desire throughout your day:     “Toco cuando me pica la mano”

Other advantages of meditation (and most likely, meditative flute-playing)

  • exact of opposite of fight/flight response
  • breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, stress hormone levels fall
  • improved connections in brain
  • deep rest in an alert state
  • open learning state – child-like, non-judging
  • quieting of the mind, we can hear music more fully

Studies have shown the following benefits of regular meditation:

  • decreased hypertension and heart disease
  • decreased anxiety
  • decreased depression
  • increased immune system function
  • greater ease in giving up or avoiding addictive behaviors
  • increased pituitary gland release of growth hormone (anti-aging hormone)
  • decreased adrenal gland production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol

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