What people say about Native Flute Circles with Erica

fluteplayerThe class gave me the opportunity to relax and be excited about making music, at the same time.”

I was surprised about the confidence the class (you) inspired about making music with others.”

I now have a sense of what musicians feel. And playing the flute, particularly with others, offers another way into that ‘sweet spot’ of being.”

“It was a very calming, centered time. I am happy to know that I can pick up the Native American flute at any time and make beautiful music.

students-and-kids_2I found it very exciting that I was actually able to ‘hang’ with a group of musicians and make music. Now that’s confidence building!!! What a great instrument – the Native American flute!!!! What a great teacher!!!!!”

I arrived at the workshop with the excitement and openness of the child within me. Soon my adult inhibitions, self-consciousness, and self-doubt crept into my being, threatening to interfere.

Ahhhhh, the soothing surrounding of nature, Erica’s gifted guidance and knowledge, and the sweet sound of the flute lifted me to a place of awe. My breath, together with the group sailed me to the place inside of my soul that is pure, free, and passionate.

I cannot describe this place with words…… I now go to this place often via the Native American style flutes. I intend to continue this path, along with others willing to enjoy this musical gift of self expression!”